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VLine VL2 Android 8.1 Upgrade MicroSD Card

Distinctive functionality

Distinctive functionality

Android 8.1 Upgrade for VLine VL2

MicroSD Card and Manual

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Upgrade Android version on VLine VL2 Infotainment System module from 5.1 to 8.1. The firmware comes on MicroSD Card. Instructions are also included.

The steps are simple:
- Update the OTA to (
- Go to Settings-> About -> VLine Update -> Reboot Into Recovery, wait for main screen with menu
- Insert SD card
- Click "Update to 8.1 from SD Card"

NOTE: This item may have a 5-10 business days processing time.

Q.: I have more than one VLine Infotainment Systems, do I need the MicroSD card for each of them, or can I use one for all?
A.: You can use one MicroSD Card for all VLine VL2 devices that you have.

Q.: Why is there no OTA for Android 8.1 upgrade?
A.: 8.1 is incompatible with 5.1 via OTA due to Security additions in Android Oreo and new 4.* kernel/bootloader. Therefore the upgrade is only available via MicroSD card.

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