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GROM Audio Bluetooth Dongle (BTD) add-on

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GROM-BTD Bluetooth Dongle add-on allows for seamless Bluetooth integration for all vehicles supported with GROM Audio integration kits.

Allows for a wide set of functionality to be added: Bluetooth Hands free (HFP), Bluetooth Audio playback (A2DP) and Bluetooth wireless audio control (AVRCP).

In Hands Free Mode you are able to: accept calls, reject calls, end calls, adjust audio volume - all using car stereo and steering wheel controls.

Voice Dial pressing the head units "scan" or "repeat" button can initiate voice dial / Siri etc (stereo and phone permitting)

Bluetooth Audio playback allows you to stream the music directly from your phone to the car stereo. Now you are able to listen to your music or any audio app played from your mobile phone through your car stereo system.

Bluetooth wireless audio control (AVRCP) allows you to move tracks forward or backward via car stereo/steering wheel controls.


  • Plugs directly into the extension port of a GROM interface
  • Compatible with a large number of phones
  • Plug and play
  • Pull / release Mini-Din secure lock mechanism

Package Contents:

  • Bluetooth Dongle (BTD) for connection to Mini-Din EXT port
  • Omnidirectional microphone with swivel mount for easier installation, 3m (4m total with BTD)


  • A compatible GROM Audio integration kit - GROM IPD4, USB3 and MST3/4 Interfaces.
  • A spare EXT port.
  • Compatible Bluetooth device - All iPhones/iPads, Android Phones, Windows or other with Bluetooth etc.

GROM-BTD connected to a USB2 Interface (not included)

Grom USB2 connected to BTD

Note: Bluetooth text & radio switching is currently supported on certain Toyota, Lexus and Honda stereos only!


Q: Do I need this kit if I already have the GROM IPD3/4, USB2/3 or MST3/4 kit? 
A: The BTD is required if you want to use a smart phone as a hands free kit, connecting an iPhone or Android phone without the BTD will not allow the call through the car system and there is no external microphone. This kit is also required if you want to stream music wirelessly without a cable i.e. keep your phone in your pocket/handbag.

Q: Is there much difference between controlling music playing via Bluetooth AVRCP and a cable connection (iPhone cable or Android micro USB cable)?
A: Yes, the BTD gives basic control (track up/down). If you connect an iPhone using a cable or Android phone using a micro USB cable then you will have full control from the stereo/steering wheel buttons i.e. the disc buttons will let you change folders or playlists, repeat, scan and where available CD text. Your phone will also get charged.

Q: Is there a difference in sound quality between wirelessly streaming music and directly connected?
A: The GROM-BTD gives excellent sound quality, when in a moving vehicle it is difficult to distinguish between Bluetooth and cable methods.

Q: How many phones can be paired with this BTD?
A: 2 devices can be paired, with only one being active at a time.

Q: What is a GROM Audio Integration kit?
A: A CD changer emulator. A kit that connects into your car radios CDC or extension port and pretends to be factory fitted equipment.

Q: What limits does the BTD have?
A: The BTD is designed to work when in GROM mode (CD changer mode) only.

Installation and operation manual.pdf

Check to see if your vehicle is compatible with a Grom Audio integration kit on this chart

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