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Aux-Input & 5V USB charge cable for Grom integration kits

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Product Description:

Designed specifically for Grom Audio Car Integration kits to allow an input from any audio source that features a headphone socket/Line out. Connect any audio source via a 3.5mm jack to your Grom Audio adapter. Additionally provides 5V USB charging for many mobile phones, MP3 players etc.

Compatible with any Grom Audio integration kit that features a mini-din port (GROM-AUX3, GROM-IPD3/4, GROM-BT3, GROM-AND2, GROM-USB2/3 and GROM-MST3/4).


  • 1.5m length.
  • Colour black.
  • Mini-Din connector at one end, 3.5mm male jack and female USB (Type A) the other.
  • USB port provides 5v charging only.

Please Note: No control via the car radio is available when using this cable as its purely for a sound input and to provide charging power. For control of iPod/iPhone/Android phones please see GROM IPD4, BT3, USB3 or MST4 Integration kits.
When used in conjunction with GROM AUX3, IPD3 and BT3 Interface the input is always on, when used with GROM USB3, IPD4 or MST4 the aux-input is switchable via the head unit controls.
The USB port provides power only i.e. no data or sound!

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