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Apple 30 pin iPod dock female end to 3.5 mm male jack converter

Connect any device to an Apple iPod dock

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iPod/iPhone 30 pin female dock connector to 3.5mm male audio cable by Grom Audio. Allows you to take any aftermarket iPod input such as iPod dock, iPod radio, iPod input in any car (including but not limited to Grom Audio iPod integration kits) and turn it into an input for any device that has a 3.5mm headphone line out jack, such as an Android phone, MP3 player, Sat Nav or laptop etc. The list of applications is endless!

Why buy this cable?

  • You have changed from an iPhone to Android and need to connect your new Android phone to your old Apple dock.
  • If you travel this cable is great accessory as many hotels now offer iPod radios in there rooms.
  • Your car only has an iPod dock connection and you want to connect something else.
  • The cable features built-in microchip with firmware written by a trusted American manufacturer Grom Audio. In tests this cable was found to be compatible with 95% of all docks, beating any copy or imitation product.


  • Apple iPod 30 pin dock connector female end
  • 3.5mm male audio jack
  • 120cm length
  • Black colour only
  • Produced & Manufactured by Grom Audio


  • Will work with 95% of Bose Sound dock systems
  • Automotive OEM iPod input adapters (such as VW, BMW native iPod adapter)
  • Most music systems with a dock connector
  • Any audio device with a 3.5mm headphone socket
  • It's not just a simple cable there is a micro chip built in to convert the digital signals!
  • With so many different applications it’s difficult to have a definitive list of compatible devices, however should this not work with your device then we offer a refund for such cases.
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