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6m Extension Microphone for BTD or BT3

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Extension cable & Bluetooth Microphone for GROM Audio products and others

Use the GROM Audio External Microphone anywhere in your vehicle for hands-free calling when your GROM Audio Bluetooth wireless technology is paired with a compatible phone.

Compatible with GROM-BTD Bluetooth Dongle and GROM-BT3 Integrated Bluetooth Car Kits. 
Works with other Car Bluetooth systems.

Is a longer replacement for the microphone included with GROM-BTD (Bluetooth dongle) and GROM-BT3 (integrated Bluetooth) kits.


  • Noise cancellation
  • Swivel mount + sticky pad
  • Length - 6m
  • 3.5mm male jack
  • Ideal length for system that are mounted in the boot/trunk

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